Sahasrara Robe

Sahasrara Robe

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Our Sahasrara Robe is inspired by traditional Yukata style, made with a beautiful weave of organic cotton, grown and woven domestically. This piece is inspired by daily ceremony and ritual. You will always be glowing and radiant in this dreamy piece, honoring your body and the magic of Mother Nature.

It has been consciously crafted with organic cotton and naturally dyed with fresh indigo to create its high vibration hue. Natural dyes' powerful alchemy and energetic properties are cultivated from each plant's rich natural color and the unique energetic power it holds.

Handmade with beautiful artisanal techniques & skills that supports our local community: our Sahasrara Robe uses natural, organic ingredients to preserve the delicate ecosystems we all share. Our production process is a communion with the elements, an offering to the enlightened consumer.

~ Color : Sky  

~ 100% organic cotton 

~ Made in California